My Diet Diary


Been hearing some same old shit lately like the word “FAT

well.. i think its time for me to get in shape again.. but this time the healthy way.. Diet and exercising.. Am so in the mood that i need to write about it everyday. As my blog here is more to my stories and my feelings and stuffs.. so i decided to blog my diet diary at petpetkia.blogspot.commy diet diary


tiu.. not blogging here for so long.. i cant even find the Font color to post..

Driving outstation

When I was a kid, everytime when my parents bring me to kampar.. in less than 5 minutes I can immediately sleep at the back seat..

And today im fetching my parents to kampar.. im feeling so sleepy while driving and I see them sleeping like kids..  time really flies…


After 1/2 hour or so.. dad woke up and wanna pee..  I stopped at the rest stop and mom asked me am I sleepy and I say yes.. then we all switch places and I quickly went to the backseat with my bolster and Zzzzzzzz…  when I woke up we r already in kampar.. hehe

Out of a sudden I feel that I love my parents and im really grateful ..

oh im so emotional hehe

funny mom

as usual after drink.. the next day.. im having headache..

was complaining how headache i am to my mom.. 

and out of a sudden she say..

mom : look for husband.. no need to look for handsome guy..  

me :  ????

mom :  as long as he treat you good and rich then it’s enough.

me :   how come i say headache and you suddenly talk about looking for husband??

mom : if you can find a good and rich guy to get married then u wont need to work and drink every nite.



my new to do list

there are things in life that we wanna do..  funny.. daring..  exciting..  silly.. romantic.. but are we able to do it??  will we even plan to do it??  i will .. at least one day when i die.. i wont die regretting of what i havent done

  • to bring my parents to travel
  • to travel and travel and travel
  • blood donation 
  • a visit to the spastic and orphanage
  • travelling to Europe, US, India.
  • swimming naked in a swimming pool
  • to be on a helicopter
  • to be on a yacht 
  • pretend to be jessica rabbit
  • to make love on the rocks by the beach
  • to find a gigolo
  • to go picnic 
  • to touch or even swim with the dolphins
  • to sleep in a tent on an island 
  • to see flowers in holland
  • to picnic drinking champagne eating baguette with the eiffel tower view
  •  to celebrate the color festival in india
  • to go to santorini
  • to travel around thailand for more than 15 days..  from north to bangkok
  • to be in a mascot costume
  • to be able to dance like a pole dancer
  • to jump on a trampoline
  • to attend a cooking class in thailand
  • to have a / afew tadpole .. from a tadpole to a frog and let them go .. my mom wanna do that too .. 

never ending list.. more to come.. 

my done list

Lingerie, Bikini and Naked Shots by photographer 

  • done but not by professional photographer.. thanks to my dear friends

Swimming naked in a swimming pool or sea

  • done but only in the sea..  not in the pool yet.. 

Get a suntan

  • done.. but still not tan enough ..  kinda addicted to tanning lately ..  desperate for another one soon.. 


Poof! another year

blink blink eyes.. there goes another year..  yet the same kiwi is still around..  working the same job..  but different places sometimes..  working life is good.. i m working happily with my colleagues.


slim?  as usual.. once a while i buy slimming pills from thailand.. slim n plum sometimes.. and i don give a fuck what other people say about health..  we don live forever.. i don see myself having a great body but at least i like what i see in the mirror..  even my own mom knows that im taking the slimming pill and those who know me know that i will stop for a while when i cant take the pills anymore.  


love life sucks to the maximum..  broke up with a guy whom i thought is the most romantic,   and .. i don know..  i think i have problems in relationships… or whatsoever.. oh well…  happy or not.. life goes on…  eventually or slowly there will be another relationship to cover the previous one..  my life…   sigh.. maybe im such a person with so much love..  i think i should try to stop being so sentimental and start to think rationally..   


overall i think my life is good..  as im a cheerful person i always know how to make myself happy..  target of the year..  to be a hardworking person OR to be a person who can tolerates a lot.


and time for some photos for a colorful blog


c a cs d

Hello Kitty Town johor bahru

went to Hello Kitty Town with my friend gum bleeding friend Aisya 

kinda excited to go there as the kitty town is new in town.  RM50 per entry for Mykad holder.

the cafe looks nice but we never tried the food there as we heard that there’s another cafe inside.. went to cinnamoroll cafe.  not many varieties of food but since we’re hungry we ordered something to eatfrankly speaking, the look of the packaging and food looked so so .. they don even have cute sanrio paper cups for the ice coffee.. look more like a takeaway from a stall anywhere out of hello kitty town.after the meal we went to the Hello Kitty Black Wonder.  the name and the look of the place : mysterious..  hmmm .. when we went inside we were mazed and don really know what to do except walking around with the hello ketiak lamp in our hands taking pics here and there.

actually there are questions and answers for the mysterious games inside but (a) if u don know english or malay and (b) even if u know how to read the above language, u might not able to answer the some of the questions.  the staffs there are kind enough to help when they are around.after loitering for a while inside we get a cert as souvenir.   after going to the dark mysterious place we went to the colorful Hello Kitty’s Houseahhh  the hello kitty house is really beautiful.. we took a lotsa photos there..  luckily its weekdays or else sure no chance to take pics so long time.

n then we went to the wishful studio.  although its not school holiday but still there are a little crowd so we need to queue n wait for our turns.

we get a free charm necklace.  get to pick one charm for the necklace.  but not many choices.  and they don even have sanrio characters.. except the sanrio town logo which looks very cheap and pah lia..  so i picked a candy charm.  oohhh “Coach” at the back of the charm..  not bad not bad.. 

and we get to wear characters costume & take pics

when we went out again to queue for the cookie studio, we saw hello kitty n dear daniel so we went there to take a pic with them..  ahh i love dear daniels’ hairstyle.. its so cute!!  although im not really a hello kiti maniac.  when u get to see dear daniel, have a look at the back of his head.  its really cute

ok..  the cookie studio.. sounds fun..  we were each given a hello kitty cookie and there’s a friendly staff to teach us how to put the toppings on the cookie step by step.

the cookie topping melts and it looks really really ugly!!!  urgh… u wont even feel like eating it at all.. but still i brought it back and give it a try.  and .. hmmm..  it taste not bad after all… i texted my friend after i ate it.. she told me she threw it  hahahah!!!  seriously .. really ugly looking cookie

ok.. continue with the hello ketiak town..

the carnival..  the music should be ok.. but the VOICE!!!  urghhhh!!! its really ear torturing!!!..  its noisy.. and the dancers are shouting out of a sudden once in a while.. wow!! i don even wanna stay any longer there!!!..  i know its the part of their carnival..  but at least please no shouting ..  .. or its only me and my friend who finds it ear torturing…


i will definitely go there again to take photos.. and if i see the carnival again, i will record it..