I miss akiki

Just watched a video about the reunion of a dog and the owner. Makes me think of my lost dog so much.
My dog Kiki, when she was raped or maybe she was having fun with another male dog which left her and the other dog sticking butt to butt, I cried..
When she was pregnant and moody and tried to eat a chicken bone out of the trash bin, I took the bone away from her worrying she might choke and she bit me, I scolded her and I cried…
When she gave birth to 4 little puppies and her look was so tired, pale and exhausted, I cried…
When I have to put her to my brothers place as I’m staying in condo and I can’t keep her with me, I cried…
When she ran away from my brothers house and can’t be found anywhere, I cried…
It was more than 5 years and i still miss her so so much, I cried..
I miss her..
Ahh luahan suara hati..

Mid autumn

It’s mid autumn festival today. But I don feel it at all.. When I was small, I used to bring lantern and walk around tamans. I love to see candles and lanterns very much. when i’m living in terrace house areas, neighbors would decorate their house with lanterns, hanging them on trees and lighting candles all over the gate and floor.

Time passed and I moved out ..But still I will go back home to my parents house .. To have dinner, moon cake and at play with candles.

Niece celebrated birthday on Saturday. There was 2 lanterns that my parents bought, one for my niece and another one for my nephew.. I think for them, I’m all grown up.. Don need to play lantern. There was one year I fought with my mom coz she never buy me a lantern. I never spoke to her for few days. Then she end up buying me a lantern. This year I never say anything about wanting a lantern. But deep in my heart I really want one..

Seems like I’m not getting a lantern from anyone unless I’m buying it myself..

Happy mid autumn festival..


My Diet Diary


Been hearing some same old shit lately like the word “FAT

well.. i think its time for me to get in shape again.. but this time the healthy way.. Diet and exercising.. Am so in the mood that i need to write about it everyday. As my blog here is more to my stories and my feelings and stuffs.. so i decided to blog my diet diary at petpetkia.blogspot.commy diet diary


tiu.. not blogging here for so long.. i cant even find the Font color to post..

Driving outstation

When I was a kid, everytime when my parents bring me to kampar.. in less than 5 minutes I can immediately sleep at the back seat..

And today im fetching my parents to kampar.. im feeling so sleepy while driving and I see them sleeping like kids..  time really flies…


After 1/2 hour or so.. dad woke up and wanna pee..  I stopped at the rest stop and mom asked me am I sleepy and I say yes.. then we all switch places and I quickly went to the backseat with my bolster and Zzzzzzzz…  when I woke up we r already in kampar.. hehe

Out of a sudden I feel that I love my parents and im really grateful ..

oh im so emotional hehe

funny mom

as usual after drink.. the next day.. im having headache..

was complaining how headache i am to my mom.. 

and out of a sudden she say..

mom : look for husband.. no need to look for handsome guy..  

me :  ????

mom :  as long as he treat you good and rich then it’s enough.

me :   how come i say headache and you suddenly talk about looking for husband??

mom : if you can find a good and rich guy to get married then u wont need to work and drink every nite.



my new to do list

there are things in life that we wanna do..  funny.. daring..  exciting..  silly.. romantic.. but are we able to do it??  will we even plan to do it??  i will .. at least one day when i die.. i wont die regretting of what i havent done

  • to bring my parents to travel
  • to travel and travel and travel
  • blood donation 
  • a visit to the spastic and orphanage
  • travelling to Europe, US, India.
  • swimming naked in a swimming pool
  • to be on a helicopter
  • to be on a yacht 
  • pretend to be jessica rabbit
  • to make love on the rocks by the beach
  • to find a gigolo
  • to go picnic 
  • to touch or even swim with the dolphins
  • to sleep in a tent on an island 
  • to see flowers in holland
  • to picnic drinking champagne eating baguette with the eiffel tower view
  •  to celebrate the color festival in india
  • to go to santorini
  • to travel around thailand for more than 15 days..  from north to bangkok
  • to be in a mascot costume
  • to be able to dance like a pole dancer
  • to jump on a trampoline
  • to attend a cooking class in thailand
  • to have a / afew tadpole .. from a tadpole to a frog and let them go .. my mom wanna do that too .. 

never ending list.. more to come..